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Using Technology to Change the Game

Therm-X is an AC-powered device that offers a variety of therapy methods: hot, iceless cold, a combination of hot and cold, and compression therapy.

Therm-X uses a new thermal control technology to treat post traumatic and post-surgical conditions where localized thermal therapy is indicated. This unique device enables the user select Heat, Cold, or Contrast, and boasts a temperature range of 34°F to 110°F. Features:

  • No Ice Required   Therm-X uses a special coolant that allows the Therm-X to get colder and stay colder. Ice melts over time as ice-based machines pass water over the warm patient. The Therm-X can set a specific cycle temperature and maintain that same temperature for as many treatment cycles required.
  • Innovative Technology    Using proprietary thermoelectric technology, the Therm-X can provide digitally controlled heating or cooling, along with contrast and compression.
  • Low Maintenance    The Therm-X does not require constant refilling with ice, or emptying and cleaning the tank. The Therm-X coolant stays in the machine to keep the tank and lines clean.

Heat, cold and compression

Complete digital control

Easy to maintain

“A game changer. This is the best modality of its kind that we have seen.”

Mark Merrick, PhD, AT, ATC, FNATA, Associate Professor & Director
Athletic Training Division, College of Medicine, The Ohio State University