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The Pro Wrist is an ideal product for patients suffering from many wrist and hand ailments including carpal tunnel syndrome.  Having the ability to set flexion/extension or put the wrist in a neutral position is a game changer in wrist bracing.

Traditional wrist braces “cock-up” the wrist which creates pressure on the median nerve and causes more pain for patients with carpal tunnel.  The Acelacare Pro Wrist features universal sizing with an ambidextrous design, quick lace closure system, a malleable frame to allow the brace to confirm to any patient, an easy to use adjustable ROM hinge to allow for desired flexion and extension, and a nylon glove to add compression and warmth to wrist/hand to promote blood flow.


The Pro Wrist is the ideal orthosis for daily vocational and avocational activities. The brace allows prehensile formation and application for writing, a wide variety of tasks, and fine motor manipulation, which represents 705 of daily dominant and non-dominant hand use.

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Built-in ROM hinge

Breathable, comfortable

Better outcomes for patients … and practices