17th December 2019

Squid provides intermittent cold compression using a proprietary sequential compression wrap and cold gel pack. What sets Squid apart from competitors? Its use of dynamic intermittent compression … while remaining  … Read more

CLINICAL STUDY: Guardian knee braces offer superior outcomes

9th August 2018

There’s a superior alternative to functional knee braces:  Guardian REHABILITATOR.  The break-through Guardian REHABILITATOR knee brace is the only brace clinically proven to demonstrate significant improvements after only 90 days of  … Read more

Biowave: Get your Custom Revenue Analysis … in just 3 minutes

12th March 2018

Practices and patients are discovering the benefits of BiowavePENS (Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) — a simple in-office treatment for chronic, acute or postoperative pain. How much will your practice profit from  … Read more

PENS TECHNOLOGY: How Biowave Works

5th December 2017

Biowave medical devices deliver high-frequency therapeutic electrical signals through skin to block pain signals to the brain. Biowave is FDA approved to treat any type of chronic, acute or postoperative  … Read more

BIOWAVE: Effective, non-opioid treatment for acute + chronic pain

1st December 2017

Arrange your 10-minute phone consult now, and discover how Biowave can dramatically improve patient outcomes … and transform your practice.

WHITE PAPER: AF Treatments in Regenerative Medicine

1st October 2017

Over the past few years, the use of amniotic fluid (AF) tissues has increased dramatically. As more practitioners discover the benefits of AF treatment and applications continue to proliferate, it’s  … Read more

SLIDE DECK: Ascent, the injectable amniotic fluid allograft

24th August 2017

Ascent: Amniotic Fluid injections  

How Ascent drives revenue: Get your 10-minute consultation

24th August 2017

Complete this form to learn how you can offer patients Ascent — the leading, shelf-stable AF injection — and create a significant new revenue stream for your practice.

PHITS: How to offer your patients the world’s first dynamic 3-D printed orthotics

27th July 2017

Phits is a revolutionary system for creating the world’s first dynamic 3-D printed orthotics. Featuring a dynamic gait analysis force-plate and custom software, Phits enables providers to offer precise diagnosis –  … Read more

3-D printing: A revolution in precision-fit foot orthotics

26th July 2017

Today, there’s a new and exciting way to both measure for and fabricate custom orthotics. Traditionally, providers captured a mold of the foot using plaster or a foam impression box,  … Read more

BIOLOGICS: Not just for pro athletes …

23rd June 2017

Regenerative medicine is a hot topic in today’s healthcare environment. Medicare is even researching options and exploring alternatives to traditional care as a way to decrease the ever-expanding rise in  … Read more

Innovative pre-rehabilitative device improves TKA recovery times

18th May 2017

Most patients elect to have a total knee replacement when all other conservative options have failed or when the pain simply gets unbearable. Recovery is a long and often times  … Read more