BIOLOGICS: Not just for pro athletes …

Posted at 23rd June 2017

Regenerative medicine is a hot topic in today’s healthcare environment. Medicare is even researching options and exploring alternatives to traditional care as a way to decrease the ever-expanding rise in surgical expenses and overall treatments costs for the aging population.

Expanded options now exist for both providers and patients in this arena. Although stem cell treatments seem to be the big buzzword within the biologics space, physicians and consumers should educate themselves and distinguish between fact and fiction, and determine what options will yield the best outcomes for each condition and patient type.

Some options involve extracting bone marrow or adipose tissue from the patient in specific areas, then re-injecting the substance into a targeted area after utilizing a centrifuge that isolates on the stem cells within the substance. PRP procedures follow the same process.

The goal is to help kick start the healing process and stimulate a biological response, helping restore normal function within the injured area.

Other options are less invasive and do not require extraction techniques. These include amniotic tissue allografts that can come in the form of cryopreserved or dehydrated viles. These substances include minimal stem cell viability, but include various growth factors and nutrients that serve to recruit stem cells and initiate a biological response in the same way the other products do.

Currently, these outpatient procedures are non-covered by insurance, and until more research is published showing improved outcomes in delaying surgical intervention or accelerated healing, they will remain as such. But, these procedures do offer patients another alternative to traditional treatments and surgical intervention, and should be explored as part of a viable treatment plan.

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